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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Common Automotive Myths

Common Automotive Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions that can be passed off as fact within the automotive world. While some common myths may not hold a lot of validity, we're here to help highlight the truthful aspects. Myth: American cars are made in the U.S. American vehicles are assembled in the United States, but it's common for foreign automakers to create some critical parts overseas. Myth: Premium fuel boosts performance. Premium gas may be more expensive, but using it doesn't guarantee it will boost performance. Premium gas is for vehicles that need to use a fuel that has a higher-octane level. The best fuel to use is always the type recommended in your vehicle's owner manual for top performance. Also, save yourself the extra few dollars if you can. Myth: Replace all your tires at the same time. If your vehicle isn't four-wheel drive, you can safely change just one tire at a time. Just make sure that the tire you're ... read more