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The Cop Spotter aka The Rearview Mirror

Today our rear-view mirror not only serves us with rear-view parking and changing lanes, but it also helps keep you aware of the traffic around you. Even though the rear-view mirror offers a ton of benefits, the original creator had another reason behind its creation - the cops. Originally called, “The Cop-Spotter,” the commercialized rear-view mirror was created by Elmer Berger during the 1920 prohibition era. While Berger is not the first person to design the mirror, his version was the first widely-marketed and sold.  While the rear-view mirror comes standard in all commercial vehicles, in the 1920’s it was merely an optional vehicle accessory—the rear-view mirror functions in keeping us safe in today’s lifetime of transportation. During the prohibition, bootlegging was at an all-time high, and law enforcement attempted to crack down on it. With bootlegging came a time of possible driver hyper-vigilance. Thus, the rear-view mirror served more as a ... read more