Brake Service in Tyrone, GA

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Enhance Your Braking System Performance

Brakes are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. At Tri Star Automotive, we have expert technicians who specialize in brake system repairs. Our service center, located in Tyrone, GA, is fully equipped with the best diagnostic and maintenance tools. whether you're having an issue with your brakes or just want to keep up with their maintenance, bring your car to Tri Star Automotive. If you notice any vibration or squealing when braking, bring your car in! Tri Star Automotive's service and repair center is located in Tyrone, GA.

Noisy, Soft, or Grinding Brakes?-Let Us Fix Them For You

Most disc brake systems contain two brake pads that are designed to create friction and straddle the rotor. You should have your brakes and your brake pads inspected annually—they are a normal wear item on any car. If your car exhibits squealing brakes, grinding brakes, a pulsating brake pedal, a soft brake pedal, or dragging bring your car in immediately. At Tri Star Automotive we pride ourselves on superior brake service, so if you're having any issues come by or make an appointment. Our service and repair center is located in Tyrone, GA.

Quality Service to Anti-Lock Brake Systems

Anti-lock Brake Systems are widely used in vehicles today to prevent skidding during emergency brake maneuvers. A car with ABS will be able to control all four wheels even if they've stopped moving. This is because each wheel has a speed sensor attached that relays information to a central ABS computer. If the speed sensors are not working, the ABS computer won't know when or to which wheel it needs to pump brake fluid pressure. At Tri Star Automotive, we recommend that you have your sensors tested when you're having any other brake maintenance or brake service performed.

Schedule Your Brake Service Today!

Today is a great day to get your vehicle's most important safety component fixed correctly! As soon as you notice any problems with your braking system, you should come to us for a quick but thorough brake service check. We can handle the maintenance, repairs, or replacement services for your entire braking system. Give us a call today and make your road travel a lot safer. Our team is waiting for your call at (404) 814-5110. Our shop in Tyrone, GA is known for its complete car care services, and that includes brake repair and brake service. Your vehicle's brakes are the most important safety component and you can't afford to ignore them. Come see us today!