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Transmissions are the most difficult engine component to service. Every one of our transmission repairs begins with an accurate diagnosis. Owners trust our ASE Certified techs because we go above and beyond for customer satisfaction. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to make sure you have accurate information. Tri Star Automotive performs quality transmission repairs for all makes and models, both foreign and domestic vehicles. As soon as you notice any problems with smooth acceleration and effortless gear shifting, you should bring your vehicle to our repair shop. Do you find your vehicle slow to accelerate, slipping out of gear, or experiencing rough shifts? Let our team of transmission specialists have a look first. Finding a transmission specialist that you can trust is half the battle. All drivers in Tyrone, GA need to know about the transmission service expertise available to them. Whether you're driving a manual transmission, automatic transmission, or all-wheel drive vehicle, we keep your accelerating, decelerating, and shifting gears smoothly.

Manual & Automatic Transmission Repair Services

Our transmission repair experts are experienced enough to only provide the services you need. We know how to perform all of the preventive maintenance services to keep your transmission performing at its best. Automatic transmission fluids sometimes spring a leak and need to fixed and re-filled to appropriate levels. When your manual transmission experiences grinding noises when shifting gears, we can identify the problems with your clutch or other damaged parts. Your transmission should not be so noisy, but should transition smoothly. When your transmission is making strange noises even when in neutral, you should let Tri Star Automotive provide services. Routine maintenance is important for your vehicle's overall performance. Whenever you notice something abnormal from your transmission, you should act fast and let our experts have a look. Bring our techs your vehicle if you notice any burning smells or whenever your Check Engine Light comes on.

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We want you to avoid expensive transmission repair and transmission services. Even owners with rough driving habits can enhance their vehicle's performance and extend its road-life. Our team's preventive maintenance services are able to keep you in high gear for as long as you need your vehicle. Avoid misdiagnoses and unnecessary repairs by trusting the qualified techs at Tri Star Automotive. We have your transmission needs covered for every symptoms and every repair. Give us a call today to schedule your next transmission repair service. Feel free to use our convenient online scheduling system right now! We'll meet you here to give your vehicle the transmission services it deserves.