Is your check engine light on in Tyrone, TX?

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If your check engine light has recently lit up on your dashboard, our Tyrone, GA-based auto garage can help you to diagnose and treat the problem accordingly. Your check engine light could be indicating a wide range of problems to you with your vehicle, so it's important to get the issue inspected by a team with the tools, resources, and experience to ensure that the problem is recognized and dealt with swiftly. Our technicians have the equipment and machines necessary for running diagnostics, making our check engine light repair services thorough and meticulous. Here at Tri Star Automotive, we are certified by the ASE and we work with all makes and models of vehicle, with more than 10 years of experience in resolving the engine light troubles of various cars, SUVs, and trucks.

We welcome walk-ins and appointments

A check engine light problem is the kind of thing which can undoubtedly take you by surprise, and you may wish to get the problem looked at sooner rather than later, especially if you plan on a long trip in your vehicle soon. Because of this, our garage offers both walk-in and pre-booked appointments, serving everyone as soon as we can. We always want to ensure that we guarantee customer satisfaction, which is why we cater to both walk-ins and appointments wherever possible, striving to get your vehicle fixed and back in your hands in as little time as possible. We strongly value courtesy, quality, and integrity here at our shop, and this is reflected in our flexible appointment policies which streamline convenience and efficiency for our busy customers who need their vehicles to live their everyday lives.

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In addition to check engine light maintenance, Tri Star Automotive offers an eclectic range of competitively-priced auto services in Tyrone and the surrounding area. All of our relevant services come with a 24 month/24,000 mile warranty as standard, and we even offer 24-hour drop off services and free shuttles and loaner cars for customers whose repair jobs may be more complex and intricate. Our technicians provide you with status updates via email or text, encouraging you to remain on top of the latest developments with your repair job, making alterations to your schedule if necessary. You can call us today to schedule your next service, or schedule online using our easy scheduling form!