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Do You Need Realignment?

Signs You Need Alignment Service Wheel alignment issues can make it difficult to maintain control of your car. They can also contribute to poor fuel efficiency and abnormal tire wear. Here are a few common indications you may need a realignment. Uneven Tire Wear Have you noticed the tread on your tires doesn’t wear evenly? In most situations of uneven tire wear, problems with wheel alignment are to blame. Once you fix the underlying problem, your tires should begin to wear evenly again. Vehicle Pulls to One Side When driving on a straight road, you shouldn’t have to wrestle with your steering wheel to keep your car in your lane. In fact, when your wheels are properly aligned, you should be able to briefly lift your hands off the steering wheel and continue going straight. If your car pulls to one side and you have to make an effort to keep it going straight, you need realignment. Your Tires Squeal Unusual squealing sounds from your tires can sometimes be tra ... read more


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