Checking & Changing Oil

What to Look For

Motor oil is the lifeblood of the engine, which is why it’s so important that what’s running through the heart of your vehicle is always in good condition. Over time, oil accumulates dirt and contaminants that weaken its effectiveness and cause build-ups in the engine. Checking the oil regularly will help you decide when it’s time for an oil change so you can keep all the internal components clean and healthy.

Use these tips from Tri Star Automotive in Tyrone, Georgia to check your vehicle’s engine oil.

Check Oil Levels

Using a dipstick, you can check your vehicle’s oil levels anywhere on the road or at home. Insert the dipstick and remove it carefully to avoid spilling hot oil on other components or yourself. Read the measurements carefully to determine if you need to add more oil. If you find that your engine is consuming motor oil quickly, speak with one of our professionals. You may need engine repair to correct the problem.

Visual Inspection

While you are under the hood, inspect the motor oil itself to determine if it needs to be changed. Clean motor oil should be free from specks of dirt and pour smoothly. If your oil meets any of these criteria, it’s time for service:

  • Milky, cloudy appearance in the fluid
  • Thickened, gummy texture
  • Floating particles, metal shards, visual contamination
  • Dark black color, gritty texture

These are signs that motor oil has gone bad and is no longer properly lubricating and protecting the engine.

Schedule Service

If a quick inspection using the dipstick is as far as your automotive skills can take you, that’s okay! You can call Tri Star Automotive in Tyrone, Georgia to schedule a professional oil change service. If you need help learning if your vehicle is due for maintenance service, our technicians can also provide a quick inspection to give you an idea of your car’s health. Based on their recommendations, you can make the right decisions to help your car’s engine last for thousands of miles! We look forward to helping you and your car!


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