3 Must-Checks for Your Holiday Trip Inspection

Whether you're planning to visit family and friends or go on a winter vacation to escape, you’re most likely going to need your car. At Tri Star Automotive, we can make sure your car, SUV, or truck is safe and ready to handle whatever road conditions. The last thing we want is for your fun to be ruined by an inconvenient breakdown. Below are the top 3 items that you must check before your holiday road trip:


All vehicles contain many fluids, including motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper solvent, coolant, and more. You should check that these are filled at a proper level and free of contaminants for the best performance. If you want to be on the safe side, it wouldn’t hurt for you to bring along extra fluids too.


A simple inspection of your vehicle’s important belts and hoses, especially the timing belt and serpentine belt, can make a world of difference in saving you time and money. For example, a surprise timing belt breakage can cause irreversible engine damage and a headache-filled breakdown. Come by our shop for an effective check of these components!


When it comes to tires, you should always make sure they are properly filled with air. This can take as quick as several minutes, but it will ensure your tires wear evenly, safely, and efficiently. Also, consider getting tire rotations, wheel balance, and alignment services if needed. 

Tires, belts/hoses, and vehicle fluids are key to protecting your car and you! If you want to make sure your car is road-worthy for the holidays, we invite you to bring it to the vehicle experts at Tri Star Automotive, Inc. for an honest and accurate trip inspection.