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Monthly Archives: April 2021

My Car is Bouncing Up and Down, What Does it Mean?

My Car is Bouncing Up and Down, What Does it Mean?

It is important to know how your car 'feels'. A lot of damage and many engine problems can be avoided if you are 'in tune' with your vehicle. A bumpy feeling when you are driving could be attributed to many different things from suspension problems to worn-out tires and even problems with your steering column. Worn shocks are one of the chief reasons for a 'bumpy' feeling when you are driving. They can also cause the car to shake while driving, which could be an indication that the shocks or the struts are worn out. This causes tires to form bubbles or pockets where there should be tread and to wear the tread down considerably, in turn causing the vehicle to drive unevenly on the road. Further problems related to tires and a bumpy ride would be if the tires are either overinflated or underinflated and when wheels are misaligned or not secured correctly. Due to any of these problems, over a period of time, it will be noticeable when you are driving your car, an ... read more