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What Is A Power Window Repair?

What Is A Power Window Repair?

Power windows were merely introduced 81 years ago in 1940, but they quickly became a common accessory in many modern cars, SUVs, and trucks. Unlike more old-fashioned window systems, which required passengers to turn a crank handle to raise or lower windows manually, power windows operate with the simple flip or push of a button. Because this window feature relies on electricity to function, most do not work once a vehicle is turned off. However, some cars have a time delay that allows drivers and passengers to continue operating the windows for a short period after the engine stops. Power windows are made to be very easy to trigger, which is why there is a lock feature that drivers can use to prevent other riders, such as small kids, from spontaneously opening or closing the windows.   Power Window Repair Services in Tyrone, GA If your power windows are acting unusual or entirely unresponsive to their controls, please have it checked out soon. Though it is not necessary to kee ... read more