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What Is The Difference Between Disc Brakes and Drum Brakes?

What Is The Difference Between Disc Brakes and Drum Brakes?

Brake failure can cause horrific vehicle accidents, which is why we stress regular brake checks, maintenance, and repair. Your brakes must always be well-functioning. As a necessary car component, there have been significant advancements in the braking system over the years with the development of new technologies. The most prominent types of brakes today are drum and disc brakes, which differ significantly.   Drum Brakes Although drum brakes still exist in some cars today, they are older versions of brakes that feature a simplistic design with low manufacturing costs. They are primarily made from cast iron and function by forcing the two arched shoes placed within the drum. Whenever the driver presses the brake pedal, brake fluid is pushed into the drum brake constraining the pistons to press against the drum surfaces. The interference results in the slow spinning of the wheels and eventually brings the car to a complete stop.   Disc Brakes Disc brakes are advanced bra ... read more