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Why You Need Oil Changes

Benefits of Regular Maintenance Wouldn’t it be nice if our cars could last a lifetime? Especially after a new vehicle purchase, drivers want their cars to stay in top condition — and we don’t blame them! To help drivers take care of their investments, Tri Star Automotive provides fast and easy oil changes. Did you know that simply following a routine schedule for oil changes could greatly benefit your vehicle and help it last longer? Let’s explore the perks of regular oil changes! Optimal Performance Your vehicle was designed to run on clean engine oil. But over time, oil accumulates dirt and grime that stops its effectiveness. Swapping it out refreshes the engine, removing build-ups and keeping it running at its best! If you want an engine that always performs to its full potential, you have to help it get there with frequent oil changes. Avoid Breakdowns While skipping one oil change won’t be the end of the world, neglecting them long-term leaves your engine vulne ... read more


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