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Monthly Archives: October 2020

3 Signs of Water Pump Failure

3 Signs of Water Pump Failure

The water pump is an essential part of a vehicle's cooling system. The water pump works to prevent the engine from overheating. Water pumps don't fail often, but if you're planning on keeping your vehicle for several years, the water pump is subjected to wear. If this happens, your vehicle's performance relies on you fixing it as soon as possible to prevent severe damage. Water pumps don't usually break overnight; it's usually a gradual process that results from a lack of maintenance or neglect. To help recognize the signs of water pump failure, below are three common symptoms to look out for.  Low Coolant Levels  If you check your coolant and notice it's lower than usual, it's essential to make a note to refill the reservoir. Check underneath the front of your vehicle for coolant leaks. If there is a leak, the water pump will need to be inspected for holes.  High Pitched Whining or Grinding Sound If you notice a hi ... read more


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