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What Does Steering Wheel Vibrations Mean?

What Does Steering Wheel Vibrations Mean?

Whether your vehicle is new or old and adequately maintained, it is meant to drive smooth and steady. However, at one point or another, people can experience steering wheel vibrations. Steering wheel shakiness often indicates that there's a problem and some part needs to be replaced.   Common Causes for Steering Wheel Vibration Your steering wheel is connected to both your car and the road, which is why your steering wheel is the first to show warning signs. The top reasons for an unstable wheel while driving is: Tires – As you may know, the steering wheel is used to direct the wheels. When tires are unbalanced, you will feel it in the steering wheel, especially at higher speeds than lower ones. The inflation of the tires can also affect your drive. For instance, a deflated tire can cause a steering wheel to shake due to the lack of air and can cause a blowout too. Furthermore, misaligned wheels can also produce vibrations. Wheel  – Another common culprit ... read more