Do I Have A Faulty Alternator?

The engine makes your car run, but the alternator helps ensure it runs. It is a lifeboat to the engine, or else it wouldn't work. That's how important an alternator's job is. If you've been noticing your headlights are flickering or are struggling to start, you may have a faulty alternator. Here are the other signs of its symptoms.

Battery Light On

Your dash lights often tell you if there is something wrong with anything in the car. This includes the battery light. If your battery seems to be fine, it may be your alternator. On some cars, if an alternator is faulty, it will illuminate ALT OR GEN on the dash light.

Burnt Rubber Smell

In manual cars, sometimes if you don't clutch properly, burnt rubber smells appear. Or if you're purposely "burning rubber" with tires. Otherwise, if you smell it, see if your alternator is running properly.

Whining Sound

If you've been noticing a whining sound, it may be your alternator. This is because a bearing may be worn out, and its pieces made it into the alternator. You should check your bearings to see if it's worn out. It's important that the alternator works because it's responsible for the electrical aspect of the car. Do not ignore the whining sound, as it indicates a problem.

Electrical issues

The alternator handles the electrical component in the car. It helps make the vehicle run, and it lights up everything. If something is flickering, it may be the alternator. Windshield wipers may not work if the alternator is funky because it needs electricity in order to operate. The power seat may operate slower than normal, too. So if these things are not functioning properly, you'll want to look at the alternator and get it fixed as soon as possible.

As it's important that the alternator is running normally. You can inspect the alternator by opening the hood and looking at the belt. If it looks glassy or burnt, replace it. If you need alternator repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Tri Star Automotive Inc today!