Holiday Travel Tips from Tri Star Automotive

The holidays are a particular time of year for families to travel, far and wide, to spend time together. And nothing should stop you from doing that, not stand-still traffic and definitely not a vehicle breakdown. During this time, it appears like the entire country is getting on the highway all at once. Please follow the following tips to ensure you get to your destination for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday you celebrate.

Tip #1 - Plan your route and departure time 

The day before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after are some of the busiest days of travel; if you can, we recommend hitting the road outside of these dates. If you reside in a densely populated area, you should plan for bad traffic, especially during rush hour. Also, back roads that offer an alternative route might get you to your destination faster. It's always best to review your options using navigational apps.

Tip #2 - Rest well

In addition to all that time behind the wheel, holiday driving can be stressful. To stay alert throughout the journey, make sure you get a good night's rest. If you're traveling with other adults, consider taking turns driving.

Tip #3 - Get a pre-trip inspection

Before you go home for the holidays, you should get a basic inspection to check the following areas:

  • Tire treads and pressure
  • Battery life
  • Oil and other essential fluids
  • Windshield wiper blades
  • Lights and turn signals

Tip #4 - Practice defensive driving

If you're a reckless driver, you might want to take a step back during the holiday season. Stop-and-go traffic will increase the chances of fender benders. Other drivers will also speed to make up for the lost time. And lastly, snow, ice, and sleet can make for dangerous conditions. So remember to maintain your speed and focus on the road.


Holiday Vehicle Inspections in Tyrone, GA

It's a wonderful idea to bring your car in for a tuneup before making a long-distance drive. The service team at Tri Star Automotive can give your vehicle a thorough inspection at your convenience. Please call us at (770) 473-8802 or schedule an appointment with us online today.