How To Prevent Your Vehicle Battery From Draining on Game Day

If you're a Georgia resident, you know that we are hard-core football fans. With the season starting, you can expect tailgates to be a regular weekend routine. At Tri-Star Automotive, we love a good tailgating party. However, if you are tailgating with your vehicle, then you should make sure your car (especially its battery) is in good condition to handle game-day situations. One of the most common mistakes we see is people draining their car battery in a tailgating lot. Here are our top tips to avoid dealing with a dead battery on game day!

  1. CLEAN YOUR CAR BATTERY TERMINALS. You can maintain your vehicle battery with a super simple DIY. You should clean your car battery the night before game day to ensure a strong connection. Your battery terminals should be free of corrosion to maintain a steady current electrical flow for the entire event.
  2. BUY A TRICKLE CHARGER. If your tailgating vehicle of choice needs a battery boost, then you could consider purchasing a charger. Trickle chargers work by providing a charge of electricity to your battery (over a more extended period) to keep its charge level high.
  3. USE AN EXTERNAL POWER SOURCE. If you don't want to invest in a charger, you can opt for an external power bank, like a portable power pack or generator. These mighty tools will be sure to put out enough electricity for your tailgating desires. Additionally, they're suitable for use on and off the tailgate lot since they can help you jumpstart a car.
  4. HAVE YOUR BATTERY TESTED BY US BEFORE THE GAME.  You should always plan ahead before big events such as a football game. Your car battery should have enough power to support your tailgate AND get you home after. If you're unsure what your car battery health is like, please come to Tri Star Automotive for a battery test.

A tailgate is a dreadful place to deal with a dead battery when you could be having fun! Keep the team spirit—and your vehicle battery—alive by following the tips we mentioned above. Please feel free to give us a call or visit our shop today!