Is your car window jammed? Here's what may help

Whether your car window is stuck up or down, rain or shine a malfunctioning window is an inconvenience. You can say goodbye to fast food, drive-thru coffee, and drive-up banking. While surprising, a jammed window is a common occurrence. Below are two techniques that may save you a trip to the mechanic. These techniques are not one size fits all. If you aren’t noticing improvement, it’s always best to rely on the professionals to diagnose. 

Manual windows have been completely modernized and replaced by electric vehicles. However, there are still some drivers who have them. Manual windows are regulators that are connected to cranks. When you turn the knob on your door handle, your window goes up or down. Electric windows have regulators that are attached to motors. Your door handle switch or button controls whether the window goes up or down. Due to the popularity of electric windows, these techniques are geared towards them. 

If your windows motor is broken, but the switch is still functional, you may be able to jam the window back up before taking it to the mechanic. One way to check if the motor is still working is by pressing the window switch and listening for a sound.

1. Turn on your car.
2. Press the window button down and hold it down. 
3. Open the door and give it a gentle slam.

Open and close your car door a few times to see if the window rolls up. If the window rolls up, that’s great! However, it’s best to leave the window up until your mechanic takes a look at it. If your window doesn’t roll up, some sources give additional instructions, but to prevent further damage, locate an expert. 

If you can hear your windows’ motor working, but the window isn’t moving, this could indicate that the window is off its track. If you have someone nearby who can assist, keep the car on and have them hold the window button down. 

1. With the door open, sandwich the window between your two palms. 

2. While applying pressure, try to lift the window up. You can also try to pull the window up, be extra careful not to get your fingers or hands stuck. If the windows motor is running, but is down and struggling to come up, you may have to consult your mechanic to fix it. This may indicate that the door panel needs to be removed. 

A stuck window is nothing to be down about; most issues are quick fixes for trained auto repair shops. While these techniques may help, if you don’t experience relief, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts.