Quick Fixes for Aggravating Windshield Wiper Problems

There's nothing more annoying than dealing with ineffective windshield wipers, as they could worsen your visibility. The most common problems we've seen with wipers at Tri Star Automotive, Inc. are smearing water and rattling wipers. To keep your vision crystal clear while you drive, we've come up with these quick and easy fixes.

Here's What to Do When

...your wipers are smearing water all over your windshield - A common cause behind the smearing issue is because they are worn. Wiper blades are usually made of rubber, so they naturally wear out over time and need replacing. If your wiper blades are new (or relatively new) and doing you wrong, then you can do the following:

  • Clean your wiper blades by wiping them down with a rag and warm, soapy water. And wipe the edges with rubbing alcohol.
  • If you still are experiencing issues with smearing after cleaning them, try changing your wiper fluid instead.

...your windshield wipers are rattling. - If your wipers are annoyingly chattering against your windshield, there could be a few problems. Your windshield or the blades may be dirty, the wiper arm may be damaged, or your wiper blades just need to be replaced.

  • Give your wiper blades a clean by following the instructions in the last set of bullets.
  • Clean your windshield with an effective glass cleaner.
  • If your wipers are still stuttering, inspect the blades for signs of bending. If they are warped in any way, the blade will not make complete contact with your windshield (and leave a streaky mess).

If everything is clean and your wiper arm checks out, you may just need new windshield wiper blades.


For easy and convenient windshield wiper replacements and repairs in Tyrone, GA, look no further than the auto experts at Tri Star Automotive, Inc.