Safe Driving Tips for the School Season

We're making our way to that time of the year again. You might start spotting big yellow school buses and children with backpacks on the road again soon. With the back-to-school season right ahead, we thought it would be helpful to share some key safety tips for drivers. As driving citizens, we have a responsibility to keep our community safer. Below are some useful tips to follow when driving around school zones and bus stops:

Always Slow Down in School Zones

School zones are marked territories around schools, campuses, and playgrounds. They are usually indicated with signs and marked lines. You may recall some of that info in driver’s ed. Some school zones have signs indicating a new reduced speed limit when flashing. They typically come on during rush hour. As with any other sign, you should slow down accordingly to protect yourself and the safety of others.

Be Prepared for Heavy Traffic

With most people going back to work and now kids going to school, traffic might look heavier than it was in the summer. Therefore, we recommend making adjustments to your schedule if you don’t want to be running late in the morning or afternoon. 

Be Cautious of Pedestrians

School zones are super busy during the morning and afternoons, and you’ll likely have to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. When you see a crosswalk up ahead (with or without pedestrians), you should always lower your speed just in case someone goes flying through it. This is an excellent practice to get used to so that you anticipate walkers. Additionally, please refrain from blocking these crosswalks with your car. We don’t want pedestrians walking around other cars.

Stop for School Buses

It is against the law to pass a stopped school bus. Typically, school buses have flashing lights or red stop signs to indicate that children are getting on or off the bus. Everyone will be guaranteed their safety if you just have a little patience. 


We hope you learned a little something from our school driving tips. If you require auto maintenance or repairs before the busy summer-to-fall transition, please call or visit the experts at Tri Star Automotive soon.