Signs That Indicate You Need Muffler Repair

We’ve all been disrupted by a loud car, SUV, or truck at a stop sign or red light before. The vehicle erupts in loud popping noises as it pulls away and accelerates. Most people tend to shrug it off until it is happening to their car. In this blog, we will go over how to spot the signs of a faulty muffler. 


As its name suggests, mufflers are responsible for dampening engine sounds. They are made up of a series of tubes, chambers, and baffles to keep noise pollution to a minimum. Most are made to silence your engine sounds, with a few known to make growling sounds. The muffler is a component in the exhaust system and plays a part in expelling engine exhaust out of your car.


Here are some of the top signs that indicate you need muffler repair:

Loud Noises

The whole point of a muffler is to dampen your engine sounds. When your muffler is damaged or compromised, excess noise is the first indicator. It will sound like nothing you’ve heard. If you hear hissing or roaring sounds, please have your muffler professionally inspected ASAP.

Physical Wear and Tear 

Physically inspecting your muffler is key to determining whether you need to replace it. When mufflers are rusty and old, they will eventually develop cracks, dents, and holes which will cause exhaust leaks and excess noise. If you notice physical wear and tear or your muffler looks droopy, please bring your car to Tri Star Automotive for muffler repairs soon.

Rough Idling

A broken muffler can also cause your engine to run rougher than before. If you notice a drop in vehicle performance, you should not rule out the exhaust system, and surely not the muffler. If your car can no longer accelerate like it once did before, your muffler could be the culprit.


Let the automotive experts at Tri Star Automotive come to the rescue with quality exhaust repairs. We offer a variety of exhaust services, including muffler repair/replacement. We have unbeatable prices and unmatched customer service. We welcome you to give us a call or schedule an appointment online with our team today!