Top Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service


Your car's braking system is an essential part of its design. If you need to slow down or stop, you can do it with ease. As a result, the state of a car's braking system could be the difference between life and death in some driving conditions. As a result, in addition to making sure that the brake system is properly maintained, you must also learn how to identify and fix any problems that may arise. There are several warning indicators that your vehicle's braking system needs to be repaired.

The ABS light is turned on

The brake warning light on your dashboard is the most obvious indicator. To make it more obvious, it's usually either bright red or yellow. That either suggests you need to perform routine maintenance or that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Vibrating Brake Pedal

Brakes and steering wheels may vibrate or shake when you slow down, which indicates that your rotors may need to be machined. Normal driving can cause the rotors to wear unevenly, which means the brake pads can't reach as much of the brake surface.

One-Sided Pulling

Another indication that you require new brake pads is if your car pulls or steers side ways when you apply the brakes. Cars that pull to one side when braking do so because the brake pads are wearing unevenly.

Due to uneven pressure on the brake calipers, caused by uneven wear on the brake pads, the car will sway to the side with the most worn brake pads.

Irritating Smell

If you notice a chemical scent while braking, it's likely time for new brake pads. Overheating brake pads are to blame for the odor.

As a result, their performance may be affected, and your vehicle may not slow down as a result. If you notice your brakes squealing, stop immediately and allow them to cool down.

Squealing or grinding noises

When you press the brake pedal, your vehicle should slow down or come to a complete stop. However, if the brake pads are worn out, you may hear grinding or squeaking noises while driving. If you don't change the pads right away, the rotors could be damaged, and you'll have to pay extra for a new set. If your brakes are making noise, you should bring your car in right away for brake service.

Bottom Line

Never delay brake maintenance. As soon as it's obvious, get this done. Visit Tri Star Automotive, Inc. today for exceptional service and a great customer experience. We maintain and repair all makes and models of vehicles.