What are the Symptoms of Bad or Failing Spark Plugs?

Sparks may be one of the simplest and smallest components of a motor vehicle but could massively impact the performance of your car. Essentially, spark plugs play a significant role in the combustion chamber by facilitating the engine's creation and supply of electric power.

Here are some of the pointers indicating that your spark plugs could be dysfunctional:

More Fuel Consumption

The primary function of spark plugs is to promote efficient combustion in the engine hence optimal use of gas. Typically, if you notice that you are making more frequent trips to the gas station, they could be the culprits. Worn out or dirty sparks could be the cause. Alternatively, the gap between the spark electrodes could be too big or too small.

Difficult Starts

If your spark plugs are not generating enough power to start the engine, your vehicle will certainly not start. Most people think of the battery or empty gas tank whenever they have trouble starting their car. However, faulty spark plugs are not an unusual cause.

Hesitation during acceleration

Slow acceleration or a sudden surge in power during acceleration is a sign of a problem in the engine. The problem could be inefficient combustion resulting in frequent delays. The sudden surges and hesitation often point at faulty sparks.

A misfiring engine

If you have been noticing sudden sneezing or backfiring, the sparks may not be working as they should. Engine misfires result from the ignition of unburned fuel exiting one cylinder by the spark of the next, causing an explosion, thus the loud sound.

Aggressive Idling

Notice a weird sound whenever your vehicle is idle? Typically, the engine should be steady even while it is idle. Any change in sounds like jittering or vibration when the car is not in motion could signify problematic sparks.

Spark plugs should work cohesively with other parts of the engine. Therefore, problematic sparks could affect other elements, thus causing more problems. It is advisable to service your spark plugs frequently to ensure that they remain functional for longer. If you need spark plug replacement, give Tri Star Automotive, Inc. a call today.