What Happens When I Don't Change My Engine Oil?

Engine oil is critical to the overall operation of your vehicle, and skipping oil changes can lead to engine damage, a decrease in performance, and more. 

Below is what can happen as a result of not changing your engine oil on time and regularly: 

Your engine oil becomes dirty

The color of new, clean engine oil is amber, however, this changes as it becomes dirty. Engine oil collects dust and other particles from the engine. While this keeps the engine free of this debris, they darken the color of the oil and change its texture and thickness. Engine oil reduces friction inside the engine and protects against wear. With dirty, clogged oil, this friction increases due to its roughness, inciting the erosion of the engine's components.

Your engine becomes less efficient

The continuous metal-on-metal contact can be damaging to an engine, which is why engine oil is important. It reduces this damage by acting like a protective layer that coats the components of your engine, lessening the friction between them when your vehicle is running. Changing your oil regularly prolongs the engine's life, otherwise, your engine will wear out and ultimately become less efficient.

Your engine becomes noisy

Clean oil provides a better barrier between the engine parts, keeping your engine quiet on the road. However, engine oil degrades over time and when it begins to break down, it becomes thin, poorly-textured, and won't lubricate the engine parts as it should. The result is a louder engine noise or knocking or roaring sounds, which are a cry for help that the oil is in dire need of changing.

Your engine overheats

Vehicle engines produce lots of heat, which gets transferred to the oil. A running vehicle means a running engine and its moving components. Moving engine parts rub against each other, creating much friction and intense temperatures. Engine oil lessens this friction and acts as a coolant to regulates the vehicle's temperature. If the engine oil isn't replaced, it will thin out because of the heat, the friction will increase, and ultimately, the engine will overheat.

If you need an oil change, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!