What To Do If You Have a Transmission Fluid Leak

Just like how your engine oil lubricates the motor engine, transmission fluid serves the same purpose for your car's transmission. That's why some people also call it transmission oil. Your transmission needs this essential fluid to grease up its complex system of gears, valves, and other components. These parts need to work in order to transfer power from the engine to your wheels and control the speed of your car. When (and if) your transmission fails, don't count on taking your car anywhere.

A transmission fluid leak is one of the first major signs of transmission troubles. Transmission fluid is almost always bright red in color, so it is one of the easiest fluids to recognize when it comes to your car. Some vehicles have a transmission fluid dipstick so that you can check the level of fluid at home. If this is possible for your vehicle model and the fluid looks too low or dirty, then that's another major sign of transmission problems. Ideally, it's not recommended for you to change the transmission fluid yourself. While oil changes are possible to do at home, transmission fluid changes require specific tools, skill sets, and knowledge. Different types of transmissions in various vehicle models require different fluids, so it can be very dangerous if you put in the wrong kind.

Common Causes of Transmission Fluid Leaks

Like other fluid leaks, transmission fluid leaks are most commonly caused by worn pan gaskets, damaged lines, and other broken seals. Any transmission fluid leak is a serious concern, so it's best to have a professional technician inspect the transmission and drivetrain system. 

In many cases, you may simply need a standard transmission service to replace the filter, pan gasket, and fluid. If there is considerably more to the problem, you may need a more costly and complex solution: transmission repairs. 


Transmission Repairs & Maintenance in Tyrone, GA

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