Engine Overheating? Here's What to Do Next

We understand that having your engine overheat while driving can be extremely scary and stressful. If you do find yourself in this situation, the best thing to do is find a safe place to pull over. Even if you feel your vehicle can make it to the nearest auto repair center, the best thing to do is just call for a tow and have your vehicle towed into your trusted shop. Driving when the engine is overheating can cause more damage and make the repairs more extensive and expensive.  If you see smoke coming from underneath the hood, refrain from opening the hood. The engine components will be extremely hot and can cause severe burns if you try to touch anything under the hood.  The temperature warning light is the most common indication of an overheating engine. However, you can also pay attention to the temperature gauge and if you notice that it is very high, that is another indication that your engine is running at a high temp.  If your engine does overheat, the cause o ... read more

Car Projects to Keep You Busy While Social Distancing

Car Projects to Keep You Busy While Social Distancing

We understand that practicing social distancing and staying home all day during these uncertain times can be difficult to adjust to. Many Americans are out of work or working from home and watching their kids who are out of school. Cabin fever is real, and if you are finding yourself struggling to find things to do to keep busy, here are some car project ideas to take up some time and restore your car.  We know it has probably been ages since you've cleaned out your trunk. Now is a good time!  Vacuum your floors and seats Wipe down interior with interior-safe vehicle wipes  Clean windows and mirrors with window cleaner Give the exterior a hand wash, use a microfiber towel and gentle car washing soap Throw away all trash and empty cups living in your car Check tire pressure, oil levels, and tire tread Take care of any services you've been putting off here at Tri Star Automotive. We are open!  Here at Tri Star Automotive, we would like to reassure you ... read more

Do You Need Realignment?

Signs You Need Alignment Service Wheel alignment issues can make it difficult to maintain control of your car. They can also contribute to poor fuel efficiency and abnormal tire wear. Here are a few common indications you may need a realignment. Uneven Tire Wear Have you noticed the tread on your tires doesn’t wear evenly? In most situations of uneven tire wear, problems with wheel alignment are to blame. Once you fix the underlying problem, your tires should begin to wear evenly again. Vehicle Pulls to One Side When driving on a straight road, you shouldn’t have to wrestle with your steering wheel to keep your car in your lane. In fact, when your wheels are properly aligned, you should be able to briefly lift your hands off the steering wheel and continue going straight. If your car pulls to one side and you have to make an effort to keep it going straight, you need realignment. Your Tires Squeal Unusual squealing sounds from your tires can sometimes be tra ... read more


Wheel Alignment

Checking & Changing Oil

What to Look For Motor oil is the lifeblood of the engine, which is why it’s so important that what’s running through the heart of your vehicle is always in good condition. Over time, oil accumulates dirt and contaminants that weaken its effectiveness and cause build-ups in the engine. Checking the oil regularly will help you decide when it’s time for an oil change so you can keep all the internal components clean and healthy. Use these tips from Tri Star Automotive in Tyrone, Georgia to check your vehicle’s engine oil. Check Oil Levels Using a dipstick, you can check your vehicle’s oil levels anywhere on the road or at home. Insert the dipstick and remove it carefully to avoid spilling hot oil on other components or yourself. Read the measurements carefully to determine if you need to add more oil. If you find that your engine is consuming motor oil quickly, speak with one of our professionals. You may need engine repair to correct the problem. Visual Inspection ... read more


Oil Change

Why You Need Oil Changes

Benefits of Regular Maintenance Wouldn’t it be nice if our cars could last a lifetime? Especially after a new vehicle purchase, drivers want their cars to stay in top condition — and we don’t blame them! To help drivers take care of their investments, Tri Star Automotive provides fast and easy oil changes. Did you know that simply following a routine schedule for oil changes could greatly benefit your vehicle and help it last longer? Let’s explore the perks of regular oil changes! Optimal Performance Your vehicle was designed to run on clean engine oil. But over time, oil accumulates dirt and grime that stops its effectiveness. Swapping it out refreshes the engine, removing build-ups and keeping it running at its best! If you want an engine that always performs to its full potential, you have to help it get there with frequent oil changes. Avoid Breakdowns While skipping one oil change won’t be the end of the world, neglecting them long-term leaves your engine vulne ... read more


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