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Monthly Archives: January 2021

What Happens When I Don't Change My Engine Oil?

What Happens When I Don't Change My Engine Oil?

Engine oil is critical to the overall operation of your vehicle, and skipping oil changes can lead to engine damage, a decrease in performance, and more.  Below is what can happen as a result of not changing your engine oil on time and regularly:  Your engine oil becomes dirty The color of new, clean engine oil is amber, however, this changes as it becomes dirty. Engine oil collects dust and other particles from the engine. While this keeps the engine free of this debris, they darken the color of the oil and change its texture and thickness. Engine oil reduces friction inside the engine and protects against wear. With dirty, clogged oil, this friction increases due to its roughness, inciting the erosion of the engine's components. Your engine becomes less efficient The continuous metal-on-metal contact can be damaging to an engine, which is why engine oil is important. It reduces this damage by acting like a protective layer that coa ... read more