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Yearly Archives: 2020

The Cop Spotter aka The Rearview Mirror

Today our rear-view mirror not only serves us with rear-view parking and changing lanes, but it also helps keep you aware of the traffic around you. Even though the rear-view mirror offers a ton of benefits, the original creator had another reason behind its creation - the cops. Originally called, “The Cop-Spotter,” the commercialized rear-view mirror was created by Elmer Berger during the 1920 prohibition era. While Berger is not the first person to design the mirror, his version was the first widely-marketed and sold.  While the rear-view mirror comes standard in all commercial vehicles, in the 1920’s it was merely an optional vehicle accessory—the rear-view mirror functions in keeping us safe in today’s lifetime of transportation. During the prohibition, bootlegging was at an all-time high, and law enforcement attempted to crack down on it. With bootlegging came a time of possible driver hyper-vigilance. Thus, the rear-view mirror served more as a ... read more

Is your car window jammed? Here's what may help

Whether your car window is stuck up or down, rain or shine a malfunctioning window is an inconvenience. You can say goodbye to fast food, drive-thru coffee, and drive-up banking. While surprising, a jammed window is a common occurrence. Below are two techniques that may save you a trip to the mechanic. These techniques are not one size fits all. If you aren’t noticing improvement, it’s always best to rely on the professionals to diagnose.  Manual windows have been completely modernized and replaced by electric vehicles. However, there are still some drivers who have them. Manual windows are regulators that are connected to cranks. When you turn the knob on your door handle, your window goes up or down. Electric windows have regulators that are attached to motors. Your door handle switch or button controls whether the window goes up or down. Due to the popularity of electric windows, these techniques are geared towards them.  If your windows motor is broken, but ... read more

What are the Signs of Failing Car A/C?

What are the Signs of Failing Car A/C?

Getting in your car to find that the air conditioning isn't working in the warm summer heat is never fun. While your a/c can stop working unexpectedly, you may notice certain signs that your a/c is slowly failing and needs to be inspected. It depends upon the issue with your a/c, and how severe the problem is.  There are many different components within your vehicle's air conditioning system, and the cause of failure can vary. Here are some of the main causes of a failing car a/c system:  Leaking refrigerant Failing compressor Cracked or rusted hoses Mold or mildew buildup on evaporator core Bad cooling fan Broken seal The best way to ensure that your vehicle’s air conditioning will work properly throughout the summer months is to have your a/c system inspected regularly here at Tri Star Automotive or to bring your car in at the first sign of an air conditioning issue. Having your air conditioner inspected regularly will allow us to catch any problem ... read more

Engine Overheating? Here's What to Do Next

We understand that having your engine overheat while driving can be extremely scary and stressful. If you do find yourself in this situation, the best thing to do is find a safe place to pull over. Even if you feel your vehicle can make it to the nearest auto repair center, the best thing to do is just call for a tow and have your vehicle towed into your trusted shop. Driving when the engine is overheating can cause more damage and make the repairs more extensive and expensive.  If you see smoke coming from underneath the hood, refrain from opening the hood. The engine components will be extremely hot and can cause severe burns if you try to touch anything under the hood.  The temperature warning light is the most common indication of an overheating engine. However, you can also pay attention to the temperature gauge and if you notice that it is very high, that is another indication that your engine is running at a high temp.  If your engine does overheat, the cause o ... read more

Car Projects to Keep You Busy While Social Distancing

Car Projects to Keep You Busy While Social Distancing

We understand that practicing social distancing and staying home all day during these uncertain times can be difficult to adjust to. Many Americans are out of work or working from home and watching their kids who are out of school. Cabin fever is real, and if you are finding yourself struggling to find things to do to keep busy, here are some car project ideas to take up some time and restore your car.  We know it has probably been ages since you've cleaned out your trunk. Now is a good time!  Vacuum your floors and seats Wipe down interior with interior-safe vehicle wipes  Clean windows and mirrors with window cleaner Give the exterior a hand wash, use a microfiber towel and gentle car washing soap Throw away all trash and empty cups living in your car Check tire pressure, oil levels, and tire tread Take care of any services you've been putting off here at Tri Star Automotive. We are open!  Here at Tri Star Automotive, we would like to reassure you ... read more